Why You Should Schedule Your Floor Cleaning Equipment for Planned Maintenance

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We live in a very disposable era in which many so many products are built only for a set amount of time. But while buying new can be fine for many consumer goods and even some business goods, when it comes to heavy equipment like floor cleaning devices, you don’t want to be replacing them every other year. That’s because today’s floor cleaning machines are highly advanced pieces of machinery that are built to last a long time and to deliver a high-quality job while doing so.

However, while floor cleaning equipment is designed to last and to continually deliver a high-quality clean throughout its lifespan, there are things that can go wrong. One way to avoid a premature breakdown or for a small incident becoming a major one is to undergo planned maintenance.

Why You Should Schedule Your Floor Cleaning Equipment for Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is defined as any type of maintenance that you regularly schedule and have documented. The primary goal of planned maintenance is to provide preventative maintenance that ensures your floor cleaning and other types of heavy cleaning equipment are kept in good shape and that any needed resources, like spare parts, are ordered, purchased, and replaced before they are immediately necessary. Having an experienced team like ours schedule for planned maintenance provides your in-house cleaning team with the following key benefits:

  • The more regular you have planned maintenance scheduled, the less you’ll experience downtime because of being more on top of necessary repairs and component replacement.
  • Planned maintenance ensures that your equipment is operating safely, at all times.
  • Routine maintenance and service protects your investment as an experienced team corrects small issues before they become excessively severe.
  • As you have planned maintenance scheduled and performed, you’ll likewise be able to better track the life cycle and depreciation of those floor cleaning devices enrolled in the program. This allows for better asset management.
  • When you partner with a repair team like ours, you will likewise enjoy priority service in the event of an emergency.

Talk to Our Team Today About Signing Your Company Up With Planned Maintenance on Your Floor Cleaning Equipment

Here at Express Facility Management, we’re proud to offer a vast array of services, including both emergency floor cleaning equipment repair and preventative cleaning equipment repair via planned maintenance. While we strive to deliver the best service at the best costs for both types of services, we know our customers save a lot more when they opt for planned maintenance and our preventative service deals as the more we’re able to keep tabs on your equipment, the more we’re able to make the repairs and recommendations necessary to ensure the machinery works well beyond its listed lifespan. Contact our team today to learn more about this service and our planned maintenance pricing options.

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