Why We Use Eco-Conscious Cleaning Products

eco-conscious cleaning

Our mission at Express Facility Management is to provide premier facility management with the best comprehensive solutions that ensure we can offer superior customer care. One such cleaning solution we utilize to achieve this mission is through the use of eco-conscious cleaning products. We prioritize the use of eco-conscious cleaning products because it’s not enough just to get a space looking clean on the surface. Continue reading to see how eco-conscious cleaning products go beyond that superficial clean to provide a myriad of benefits for you, our client, as well as for others.

Why We Use Eco-Conscious Cleaning Products

Clean and free of common toxins that lead to common health problems. Did you know that an incredible 53% of common cleaning products assessed by a third-party organization contained ingredients known to harm the lungs? Even more worrisome, 22% of those assessed contained chemicals that have been found to cause and exacerbate asthma. In other words, if you are employing either in-house janitorial staff or outsourcing to a cleaning company that does not expressly use eco-conscious cleaning products, then you have a 50%, one out of every two times, chance that they are using products that can leave chemicals in the air and on surfaces that will increase the risk of you, your employees, and your clients of suffering a health issue.

In contrast, when you choose to hire on a professional cleaning and facility management company like ours, you choose to prioritize health and wellness. That’s because our team strongly endorses the use of eco-conscious cleaning products that won’t leave toxic fumes in the air or chemical substances on the surfaces people in your commercial building touch every day. Eco-conscious products are designed to be safe and effective so that you can enjoy that sparkling clean without the invisible health hazards.

Clean for the environment. You wouldn’t want to have someone filling your house full of toxins, chemicals, and garbage, so why would you want someone to do so to the environment? Earth is the only home we have, so it’s important to do what we can to keep it looking great. Choosing eco-conscious cleaning products is such a small thing and yet it can have an incredibly big impact on maintaining the planet’s overall health.

Choosing eco-conscious cleaning products means choosing products that are created using fewer chemicals that through both their manufacturing process and their consumer use release fewer harmful toxins into the air and groundwater. Toxins that contaminate the groundwater have negative repercussions on wildlife and crops. Many traditional cleaners also utilize petroleum, which is a nonrenewable resource and should not be used for products that can be effectively created without it — products like cleaning goods. Simply put, green products enable green living for everyone.

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