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Today, Express Facility Management is proud to serve clients in seven states across the Southwest and Northeast. But not too long ago, we were only in one place and that place was San Antonio, Texas; a place notoriously home to over a dozen species of scorpions. While all scorpions are nasty, there is one in particular that our commercial pest management team prioritizes because of its very dangerous nature: the bark scorpion.

Understanding the Bark Scorpion

The bark scorpion is most commonly found along the southern edges of California, Arizona, and Texas, but it has been consistently seen further north with changing climate patterns. These scorpions are excellent climbers and will often be seen scurrying up walls and across ceilings. In fact, it’s this behavior that is partly why they are so notorious. Where other scorpions will typically stay outside hiding beneath rocks, bark scorpions prefer to be in high locations and when they are hanging up somewhere, their stinger is apt to be pointed directly at people passing by or underneath. No matter what type of commercial property you have, bark scorpions can become an issue due to their exceptional climbing abilities and ability to slide and sometimes hide within cracks and crevices.

The second big reason why bark scorpions are so notorious is due to their venom. This species of scorpion is the most venomous one in all of North America and its sting can kill a person. Thankfully, death is rare. More commonly, a sting from the bark scorpion will result in intense localized pain and sometimes numbness in other areas of the body. In some cases, this pain can become excruciatingly severe and last over 12 hours even with medical intervention. Other common symptoms include vomiting, frothing at the mouth, difficulty breathing, and sometimes convulsions.

Keep Scorpions out With Commercial Pest Management

Once inside a building, scorpions can be hard to find and eradicate as they are nocturnal, thrive in dry climates, and can live for months without food. But what they can’t do without is water — and this is true for all species of scorpions. So when we work with a new commercial client who has scorpion issues, the first thing we look at is potential water sources like leaky plumbing and standing water. This is why most scorpions are found in bathrooms and that’s where our eradication for existing infestations often begins.

In addition to the removal of existing scorpions, our commercial pest management team will also help clients find ways to prevent future infestations. Here, the goal is to find places that scorpions are coming in, such as in gaps or broken seals around door and window frames and gaps around electrical boxes and other conduits that penetrate through exterior walls. These gaps and cracks need to be completely sealed to prevent scorpions from scurrying through.

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