The Difference Between Basic Janitorial Services & Full-Service Professional Cleaning Services

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While sometimes it is subconscious, one of the first things anyone notices when they walk into a building, is how clean it is. Clean spaces simply feel more inviting and appealing. Ensuring you, your employees, and your clients have a clean office to walk into every Monday morning is a great way to improve company morale and show your clients that your business is dedicated to providing clean, healthy environments with an attention to detail.

But what type of professional cleaning services should your company invest in? In general, when you choose to outsource your cleaning, you’ll have the choice to choose a basic janitorial service or for a more full-service facility maintenance company with professional cleaning services. The following is a quick look at the differences:

The Difference Between Basic Janitorial Services & Full-Service Professional Cleaning Services

Superficial Cleaning Versus In-Depth Professional Cleaning Services

The most notable difference between these two services is how in-depth the cleaning can get. Janitorial services are fantastic for doing those basic cleaning services like emptying the trash cans, vacuuming the carpets, and ensuring all of your building’s surfaces are properly dusted and sanitized. These types of janitorial services are a must-have no matter what size your business, but you may opt to have it done in-house rather than hiring professional cleaning services.

However, there are times when basic janitorial services won’t cut it, and when you need more in-depth professional cleaning services from a facility management team. These types of services are more in-depth and will include both those basic cleaning services as well as things like scrubbing and waxing the floor to ensure a fully polished ambiance.

No On-Site Maintenance Versus On-Site Maintenance

This difference builds off the above one, as janitorial staff will do what they were hired to do — clean those basic areas. What a janitorial or basic cleaning staff can’t or won’t do is take care of the lawn, check for pests, or provide other, more intensive facility care, maintenance, and upkeep.

The team that will do all those things and more is a facility management service that offers both professional cleaning services and general on-site maintenance tasks. These services might be related to cleaning, such as the repair of floor care maintenance equipment, but they can also include broader management tasks like providing snow removal and landscaping services to ensure the outside of your commercial property looks just as clean and well-kept as the inside of it.

When You Need It All, Hire Express Facility Management

Our company began with primarily janitorial style professional cleaning services, but we have grown over the years and are now proud to be one of the foremost facility management companies in the country. We do it all, Express Facility Management is Nationwide.  If you have a cleaning or maintenance query, let our team handle the response. Contact us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services and our facility management services.

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