Qualities To Look for When Buying New Vacuums Like High Reach Vacuum Cleaners

high reach vacuum cleaners

When it comes to a person’s home, there are key lifestyle choices that can certainly reduce how much vacuuming and other cleaning you need to do.  For example, if you ban shoes from being worn in the house, live a pet-free life, and nix the group activities, then minimum vacuuming is necessary. However, when you own or manage a business, such lifestyle choices are not available to you and instead, you need to implement a much broader strategy to keep things clean.

Why Businesses Need High Reach Vacuum Cleaners

When you own a business, whether it is a small office or sprawling processing facility, you can expect to have shoes from all over constantly treading across your flooring, pet owners dragging in pet dander, and group activities with the messes they often bring. And to clean those messes and ensure your company’s flooring, baseboards, walls, and even ceiling (because yes, dust, dander, dirt, and other particles frequently go airborne), you’re going to want heavy-duty commercial cleaning equipment, including high reach vacuum cleaners.

High reach vacuum cleaners are those cleaners that were designed specifically for dusting and vacuuming building areas that would normally be inaccessible to someone standing on the floor. This includes atop ledges, in and around grills and vents, around piping, atop beams, and similar high places. The extended yet thin wand of high reach vacuum cleaners also make cleaning in and around tight spaces a breeze and are a great asset when cleaning shelving and similar furnishings.

Qualities To Look for in Commercial High Reach Vacuum Cleaners

  • Good bag capacity. One of the biggest differences between general consumer and commercial high reach vacuum cleaners is the offered bag capacity. Home-oriented high reach vacuum cleaners are going to have a small capacity, as this makes the unit lighter and easier to clean, and a smaller capacity is often sufficient for most homes. However, a small bag capacity for most commercial places simply won’t cut it due to the larger area and higher usage.
  • Noise levels. If you plan on having your janitorial staff operate during working hours, then it is important to consider the noise levels of any high reach vacuum cleaners you’re considering investing in. In general, canister vacuum cleaners operate more quietly than other types of vacuum cleaners and are an ideal choice for those places with day janitorial staff or facilities that are used throughout the day and night, such as hospitals and around-the-clock service and call centers.

When You Need Extra Cleaning Hands & Equipment, Express Facility Management Is Here For You

Even if you have an on-site janitorial staff, there are times when you might want some extra help. Such as more intensive seasonal cleanings or assistance before and after holiday and large conference events. For these types of situations, consider giving our friendly and experienced team at Express Facility Management a call. We have the staff and the equipment, including intensive high reach vacuum cleaners, to get any job, big or small, done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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