Preventive Maintenance Tips for Floor Cleaning Equipment

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As a business owner or commercial property manager, making sure the floors in your establishment are kept clean and in good condition is important for the physical safety of your employees and guests and for the financial safety of your organization. A slip and fall accident is unfortunately all too common, and here in the United States, such accidents have almost become their own business. The average cost of a slip and fall accident is $20,000 while the average cost to defend against such a claim is $50,000. The good news is that these types of accidents are completely preventable with the right floor cleaning equipment and the right care and maintenance protocols for such cleaning equipment.

Just one automatic floor scrubber can significantly change the cleanliness of your building. Commercial automatic floor scrubbers are incredible cleaning workhorses that are easy to operate, quick to use, and offer a more thorough, efficient clean. But to work at their peak capabilities requires routine and attentive care and maintenance. The following are a few important tips:

Important Preventative Maintenance Tips for Floor Cleaning Equipment

  • Check and clean the brushes. At least once a week, the brushes attached at the bottom of the machine should be inspected and cleaned of any gathered dust, dirt, and other debris they commonly pick up. These bristles should be checked at least once a week and daily when in heavy use. If these bristles aren’t regularly cleaned, then dirt and debris will build-up and eventually cause a malfunction that may break key components.
  • Practice good battery care. Automatic scrubbers and many other types of commercial floor cleaning equipment now operate on batteries. Batteries are great for making these machines more versatile and capable of being taken anywhere. However, batteries can also fail prematurely if not properly taken care of. Batteries should not be allowed to drain below their recommended levels, as once they have, they cannot be fully charged again and they may become unable to hold a charge for an extended amount of time. Once a month, check the water level of equipment batteries and add distilled water as needed.
  • Follow recommend lubrication charts. Floor cleaning equipment like an automatic scrubber may seem fairly basic but it is still a machine, and as with all machines, requires regular lubrication of its joints. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions and you should find a recommended lubrication chart which will show what oil should be used on what parts and how often. Oiling the different joints and components of this style floor cleaning equipment is essential as it keeps components from grinding against each other and seizing up, which can require expensive repairs or even replacement.

For a Full Building Clean, Contact the Professionals

If your floor cleaning equipment is in need of some TLC, come to the professionals at Express Facility Management. If you also need assistance in getting a commercial space really at its cleanest, our team is here for you. Contact us today to get started.

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