Phoenix Floor Scrubber Repair: Have Us Come to You

floor scrubber repair

Floor scrubbers are incredibly useful pieces of commercial cleaning equipment. These machines make it possible for janitorial staff to perform a faster and more efficient cleaning of just about any type of hard flooring. They also are incredibly durable and most brands include a comprehensive warranty package with every unit. However, they are still machines, and like every type of machine, they can break down. Our Phoenix location is one of our oldest locations that has a long history of working with floor scrubbing equipment and repairs. Best of all, the Phoenix team offers repairs fast and on-site.

Why choose on-site repair? Just check out the following three reasons why you benefit when we come to you:

3 Ways Phoenix On-Site Floor Scrubber Repair Benefits You

  • Eliminate time and money spent transporting. When we come to you, we bring our repair equipment and skilled team members to provide fast services at your location. This reduces the need for anyone from your team to spend valuable time transporting the equipment. Let your people continue with their work while we do ours. For serious repairs, we will call in for part replacements and return to your site once they have been received and the repair can continue.
  • No inventory worries. Massive commercial operations or business owners of multiple locations are likely going to need several floor scrubbers repaired at once, or will at least want all machines inspected to save time in the long-run. Having them picked up or dropped off at a repair facility can sometimes cause issues with an internal inventory count. In contrast, on-site floor scrubber repair services mean that your equipment will always remain where it belongs.
  • Cut down on downtime. When you contact our Phoenix floor scrubber repair team, we will schedule an open repair time at your and our earliest availability. Once we resolve the problem, your janitorial or custodian team can continue with their cleaning tasks. Often, we can have a floor scrubber repaired the same night as you call so that your team doesn’t experience any downtime.

Learn More About Phoenix Equipment Repair at Express Facility Management

We hope that you don’t require our repair services, but in the likelihood that you do, please give our team at the Phoenix Express Facility Management office a call. We make scheduling repair, cleaning, and other types of services easy thanks to our online portals in which you can request service with just a few clicks. Our team is equipped to repair an array of floor cleaning equipment types and is knowledgable of all the leading brands.

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