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EFM Perimeter Pest Control Program is designed to keep out all insects and create exclusion for other larger pests such as mice.

Using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we combine non-pesticide alternatives such as aggressive sanitation, pest exclusion, traps and surveillance techniques as well as product application.Express Facility Management takes a proactive approach to eliminate pests by placing stress on pest populations through a series of processes that reduce nesting, breeding areas and pest entry points.

After the initial visit our 4-step approach allows us to identify areas of critical pest activity and treat areas of infestation or threatened infestation.


Step 1:
Through pest inspection procedure. Compressive inspection to accurately
identify pests and provide effective treatment.

Step 2:
Crack and Crevice treatment

Step 3:
Tri-annual exterior service (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Step 4:
Comprehensive interior treatment 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Prevention, Protection, Treatment.

Our technicians are certified in the state they operate and use environmental friend products that are safe for employees, pets, and families.

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