Copy of Updated Pest Solutions

Exterminating pests that harm your Business !



We use non-intrusive methods and offer green products for pest management.

We begin with an initial walk through to understand service requirements and goals.
 Collectively, we customize a program for every season your commercial building experiences. 

Our main goal is to exceed your expectations!
We providing you with a property manager that works collectively with innovative technology, allowing you to have real-time access to daily activity on a multi-locational scale.

Measures levels of consumables and provides real-time feedback to the janitorial teams in order to maxize product use, reduce waste and reduce cost.

allows to proactively monitor the quality of service and automate work orders. Real-Time data will alert our teams of overall traffic, product levels, usage and service concerns.


Jobber is a dedicated customer portal that allows for better communication between Express and its customers. The Client Hub stores historical information such as service proposals, invoices and payment history. 

• Quality Assurance Inspections 
• Customer Mobile Surveys 
• Time Tracking 
• Consumable Inventory management
• Automated work orders

Cut Costs / Optimize Labor / Increase quality!

Sanitation is Key
Express Facility Management will keep your employees healthy! Increase occupant wellness and reduce absenteeism. Outbreaks can be treated using the newest innovations in sanitization and disinfection reducing treatment time and employee down time

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