Keep Pests Away From Your Office’s Outdoor Space With These Commercial Pest Management Tips

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As employees return to work amidst the coronavirus pandemic, both individuals and businesses are incorporating new health measures for the safety of all. Being outdoors where one can get vitamin D has been shown to be a fantastic first-line defense against the coronavirus, the common flu, and other viruses, due to the vitamin’s ability to boost one’s immune system. Outside patios are also being cited as safer spaces for people to interact due to better ventilation.

If your office has an outdoor sitting area, it’s important to keep pest control in mind. Pests outside the office can easily track indoors, creating a further problem for your employees. The following is a look at a few key tips that’ll help you keep your office’s outdoor spaces clean and clear of rodents, bugs, and other pests:

Commercial Pest Management Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Office Space Clear of Pests

  • Enact a strict policy of cleanliness if employees dine outside. When the weather is nice, employees may enjoy eating outside in your outdoor office space, instead of in the crowded lunch room, especially during the pandemic. If they do so, it’s important to ensure that there is a strict company policy of cleanliness after dining outdoors by ensuring that food and drinks aren’t left on the table. This is one of the best ways you can keep flying insects and ants under control and that your employees get to enjoy the office’s outdoor space.
  • Ensure that your outdoor office area trash doesn’t attract pests. If your employees are using the outdoor table areas for eating and then putting that waste in outdoor trash cans, it’s important to ensure that those bins don’t become a magnet for pests. Ensuring that your employees follow the first tip and that the trash is taken out before it has a chance to fill up, can ensure that your outdoor office area stays pest free. A commercial pest management company can also help ensure those trash areas are protective to prevent their own pest infestations.
  • Add some pest-deterrent plants outdoors. We wrote about this in an earlier article on our commercial pest management blog, but it bears repeating. Certain plants like lavender and chrysanthemums contain scents that we enjoy but that will also deter common pests like roaches and ants. These plants will also make the area surrounding your office building look attractive and pleasant to passersby and customers.

Don’t Forget to Team Up With a Commercial Pest Management Team

The above tips are great for keeping pests at bay from your outdoor office patio and outdoor sitting areas — but they shouldn’t be your only line of defense. For the best pest protection, you want a professional commercial pest management team. A professional commercial pest management team will be able to best assess what type of pests your property is susceptible to and create a tailored solution to keep those pests away. Contact our own commercial pest management team to learn more and to schedule your onsite evaluation.

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