Important Habits for Safe & Effective Facilities Cleaning

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Good facilities cleaning habits are an important part of managing any commercial space, but they are especially important if you’re in charge of a food processing or manufacturing facility. Food processing and manufacturing facilities cleaning are so important because here, good habits mean both a healthier environment and a safer one. The following is a look at the best habits to keep in mind as you either hire on a team or direct your own facilities cleaning staff:

Important Habits for Safe & Effective Facilities Cleaning

Keep the floors clean and dry. Clean and dry floors are important in every type of workspace, but keeping floors clean and dry at all times can be more difficult for those food processing and manufacturing facilities that include wet production or processes that otherwise involve liquids. If this sounds like your facility, ensure that you have installed ample drainage and provide mats in the most wet-prone areas to prevent slip and fall accidents. For the rest of the floors, have a facilities cleaning crew go through the facility as necessary to keep the floors dry.

Keep walkways clear and full of good signage. Slips, trips, and falls are common workplace injuries, with serious ones potentially leaving you without an employee for a week or more. You can start with reducing your risk of slip and fall injuries by following foremost the above step, but you shouldn’t stop there. Also important is keeping your pathways and work areas clear and open so that people can move freely about. Install shelving if necessary to keep boxes, products, and other items off of the floor and out of walkways. Facilities should also have ample signage available to keep people safe and aware of their surroundings, such as danger signs near hot machinery and directional signs to lead to fire exits.

If you haven’t done so already, consider hiring an outside facilities cleaning and management team to go through your facility and check for trouble spots and to judge the suitability of your signage. Outside parties are great for these types of jobs, as it’s easy for building managers and owners to overlook issues due to their being so used to the environment. Things like torn carpeting, uneven concrete, loose boards, and protruding nails can all spell trouble and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Keep vents and filters clean. Both food processing and manufacturing facilities can have a lot of particulates that go airborne during normal operations. A high-quality ventilation system will suck in those particulates and filter them out, returning clean and refreshed air to your working environment. Keeping these pieces of equipment clean and filters regularly changed should be a part of any facilities cleaning checklist.

While a clean air environment is the primary benefit of a clean venting system, it isn’t the only one. Keeping dust to a minimum is also an important fire safety habit as dust accumulation, especially on working machines, can spark a flame when the conditions are right.

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