How Your Youth Facility Can Combat Cold & Flu Outbreaks With Clorox Total 360

Clorox Total 360

If you operate a youth facility, such as a school or aftercare facility, then one of your primary responsibilities is undoubtedly creating an environment in which young minds can grow and their creativity may flourish. But neither of these can happen if that environment is consistently under siege by bacteria and contagions that cause illnesses like the cold and flu. As an administrator, keeping your children safe from all manner of threats, including the approaching cold and flu season, is a key responsibility and Clorox Total 360 is a system that can greatly help you.

The Problems Clorox Total 360 Resolves

Keeping a facility clean may seem like an easy task on paper, but in practice, it can feel close to impossible for those not equipped with the right tools or staff members. Especially when it comes to youth facilities. Schools, nurseries, and similar facilities frequently are outfitted with lockers, wall-length cabinetry, ceiling fans, high vents, and other surfaces that are hard to reach or nearly inaccessible. Additionally, young kids are not renown for being especially conscious of disease mitigation habits, such as coughing or sneezing into one’s elbow and not out, uncovered into the air. Spewed out and uncovered into the air, those droplets are taken up and left about on surfaces where germs can be left to be picked up by someone else.

That is unless you’re cleaning team gets to those germs first. The problem is that most facilities operate under key limitations that make thoroughly disinfecting a facility during high-disease seasons like the cold and flu season tough and sometimes nearly impossible. Such limitations include:

  • Limited time. Most youth facilities operate at least 40 hours a week, if not significantly longer when extracurricular activities are taken into account. This makes finding the time to fully clean and disinfect spaces limited, especially when it comes to daylight hours.
  • Limited costs. Traditional cleaning costs before comprehensive solutions like Clorox Total 360 system often seemed out of budget. Of course, when you calculate the total teacher and student absences cost the education system (in the billions), it’s hard to not justify the costs.
  • Limited labor and equipment. Traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods and techniques frequently offered limited coverage, especially when it came to fully disinfecting spaces like behind lockers and standing cabinetry.

The good news is that there is a solution for all of these limitations and that solution is Clorox Total 360. Clorox Total 360 utilizes electrostatic technology which incredibly sanitizes and disinfects every angle of a surface. In other words, with Clorox Total 360, a chair, cabinet, or desk can be fully sanitized and disinfected on its front, sides, undersides, top, and even backsides — even in situations in which a person cannot physically access a portion of the object. Furthermore, the Clorox Total 360 system can offer this incredible type of cleaning and sanitizing at a fourth of the time traditional methods would have taken. This means fewer labor costs and fewer illnesses.

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