How We Use CleanTelligent to Improve Our Work Orders


As a business manager or commercial property owner, you wear a lot of hats as you navigate client needs and ensure day-to-day operations go smoothly. As such, we understand that it’s important for you to hire vendors and partners who are able to provide you with responsive, timely, and comprehensive service without headaches. This is why we strive to constantly stay updated with the latest technology and equipment, and that starts from the moment you schedule your service with us, thanks to CleanTelligent.

How We Use CleanTelligent to Improve Our Work Orders With You

CleanTelligent is an award-winning report software that was built and designed specifically for usage by facility management and cleaning companies just like ours. When you sign up as a client with our team, you’ll be given a customer ID and login information for the CleanTelligent portal. Through that portal, you can easily communicate with our team to ensure your location gets the best clean possible.

Through the CleanTelligent program, you will be able to:

  • Create and view work orders. The CleanTellligent system can be accessed via the web or a mobile app through which you can easily put in a request for service. That request for work can be an emergency request, such as when you need cleaning ASAP following a mishap like a busted water main, or it can be for routine weekly service. In addition to creating a new work order, you can also view work orders you’ve already submitted.
  • Access before and after pictures. We know we do a great job, but we want to make it doubly sure that every single one of our clients knows it as well. As they say, seeing is believing and a picture is worth a thousand words. So to that end, we love that through CleanTelligent, you can request before and after pictures so that you can see for yourself our cleaning difference.
  • Request immediate notifications. The CleanTelligent system also makes it possible to setup alerts on all of your work orders so that you know when we have scheduled a cleaning team, when they have arrived on-site, and when they are done. You can also request other updates on more complicated maintenance requests and procedures. This streamlined communication system ensures that you’re in the driver’s seat and have all the transparency you might want.

Contact Our Team to Test Out the CleanTelligent Software for Yourself

The CleanTelligent system is a fantastic system, and it’s only one tool of many we use to ensure that we can deliver every customer the timely and quality service they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we strive to always deliver the best cleaning and general maintenance services possible.

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