How We Use CleanTelligent to Improve Client Relationships


Our team at Express Facility Management has grown in the last decade from a one-shop landscaping business in San Antonio to a regional management powerhouse overseeing providers across the southwest. Undeniably, the number one reason for our spectacular growth is because we have always put client needs and desires first, and one way we are able to do that is thanks to comprehensive solutions like CleanTelligent.

CleanTelligent is a CRM software solution that we implement in order to improve our efficiency and customer satisfaction. This is a multi-faceted tool with a lot of benefits, but this quick article is going to look specifically at some of the key benefits this tool provides for you as one of our clients. How it makes our operations with you easier, more effective, and more transparent.

How We Use CleanTelligent to Improve Our Client Relationships

  • Easy to submit work orders. In the janitorial and facility management industry, clients expect promptness and responsiveness. CleanTelligent makes it incredibly simple and easy for customers to submit their work orders and for our team to receive and complete them. Once you submit a work order, our employees receive an immediate notification on their connected devices. Employees are then routed to that location at the desired time and will check off all tasks when completed on the same order form that you or your representative can easily view.
  • Know our high standards. Customized work orders are an important but small part of the type of cleaning and facility management solutions we offer. Whenever we take on a client, our facility managers will conduct a detailed inspection of their facility and will provide the results of that inspection via the platform’s online portal. As we progress with each client, we use CleanTelligent to track any problem areas, show how we’re tackling new solutions, and other key metrics. This keeps us to the high-quality cleaning standards we expect of our team and gives our clients a transparent lens to see how we achieve that success.
  • Better relationships with our team. At Express Facility Management, we don’t want to be a once-in-a-blue-moon solution. We want to be your trusted partner for all of our cleaning and property management needs, from general office cleaning to landscaping and care. In order to do that, we want to build a relationship with you, and with this robust CRM tool, we can improve how our team connects with yours. In addition to work orders and streamlined inspection forms, this software makes it easy for you to know how long projects will take, understand which of our team members and when will be at your property, and input suggestions or desired goals you have of us.


Learn More About CleanTelligent and Other Solutions We Employ

For more information about how you can sign up to utilize our CleanTelligent portal or for one of our team members to demo it for you, contact our team at Express Facility Management today. When you do, be sure to ask about our different services and how we can improve your facility.

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