Floor Care Equipment Repair for a Scrubber That Won’t Dry

floor care equipment repair

Floor scrubbers are incredibly effective pieces of equipment that allow someone to easily scrub and dry floors in one simple go. These tools can make reduce the time it takes to thoroughly clean a floor by hours. However, as with any great tool, floor scrubbers are prone to some common issues that require them to undergo floor care equipment repair.

One such common issue is having an automatic floor scrubber that leaves an excessive amount of water behind it. After all, one of the main goals of this tool is to replace a mop by leaving minimal to no water as it cleans. The following is a look at how we generally troubleshoot this common problem so that our janitorial staff can more quickly get back to task:

Floor Care Equipment Repair for a Floor Scrubber That Won’t Pick Up Water

  • Empty the recovery tank. We see this most often with new users of a floor scrubber, but it bears repeating here and it should be the first thing users check for. If your floor scrubber suddenly stops picking up water altogether, then check the recovery tank. If it’s full, then it can’t pick up any more water solution. Empty this tank out and see if it fixes your problem.
  • Replace damaged or worn squeegee blades. The squeegee blades at the bottom edge of an auto floor scrubber are the key component used to gather the cleaning solution back into the vacuum hose. When these blades become worn or otherwise damaged along their edges (common with age or when run repeatedly over uneven flooring), they lose their ability to effectively scoop up water. If your floor scrubber leaves streaks of water behind it, then this is the most common cause of the issue and a simple replacement of the squeegee blades should be sufficient to get your machine back in working order.
  • Problem with the vacuum system. An auto floor scrubber utilizes a vacuum system to suck up all of the remaining dirty water and cleaning solution that remains after it sweeps over the floor to clean it. An issue with this vacuum system thus will often result in that water not being picked up and instead left smeared across the floor. This can leave a very unsightly mess of dirt, water, and suds. Fixing the vacuum system can either be easily done or require more professional floor care equipment repair. First, switch off the system and clear the hose of any built-up debris. Then turn the system on and see if clearing it fixes the problem. If that doesn’t, then you may need to take it to a professional to inspect for any broken components and have it repaired as needed. Many units will have warranty stipulations that will cover repairs to the vacuum unit for a specified time.

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