E-Waste Problems & Choosing Eco-Conscious Cleaning

eco-conscious cleaning

As a property management group that offers a lot of janitorial and similar cleaning services, we believe we are in a unique position to understand the impacts of trash and recycling. This is the business of throwing out trash, after all! And we do that business well. So well, that we understand how quickly things like e-waste can add up and as such, we have made eco-conscious cleaning practices a core part of our business.

Eco-conscious cleaning is about more than just using green products and throwing the cans in the right recycling bin. It’s about being environmentally mindful of all of one’s business practices. For us, that means both how we manage other peoples’ properties to how we manage our own. For example, we have worked hard to ensure each one of our facilities incorporates our best practices on e-waste.

Understanding E-Waste Problems

E-waste, or electronic waste, is a fast-growing segment of our country’s trash stream. The term encompasses all obsolete, unusable, or broken electronic devices, materials, and components. To understand how big of an issue e-waste can be, take a moment and consider how many phones, televisions, and laptops or similar computers you have personally gone through in the last decade. Now, consider how many such devices your business has gone through. If you’re like the average American and American company, you’re upgrading at least one of these types of electronics once every three years. Old units are either sold off or trashed and are creating massive problems on the environment, including:

  • Air pollution caused when cancer-producing dioxins from electronics are released into the air upon being disposed of via burning.
  • Water pollution caused when heavy metals (lead, mercury, lithium, and barium) found in certain types of e-waste leak into the soil and eventually, into an aquifer or groundwater, upon being disposed of via a landfill.
  • Soil and food pollution caused when the aforementioned contaminated water gets used in irrigation and in the watering of crops.

Express Facility Management Chooses to Reuse and Recycle

So if you can’t burn or store e-waste in any safe landfill, how can you dispose of it? At Express Facility Management, we have partnered with specialized recycling facilities that safely extract those dangerous heavy metals and other materials and then send them on for reuse in other products or safe recycling. As of today, our company is proud to say that 95% of the materials in phones, laptops, computers, and tablets we have decommissioned are safely recycled. We hope that soon the technology will allow for 100%.

If your company is looking to upgrade business electronics, then our team is here to assist. We have established guidelines to ensure all electronics are securely decommissioned, with all sensitive data removed and then securely sent on for eco-conscious cleaning and recycling.

Contact Our Team Today to Get Started

For more information about our e-waste removal guidelines or about any of our other eco-conscious cleaning principles, please send us an email or https://www.expressfacilitymanagement.com/contact/ at (866)-726-9527.

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