Check Out These 2020 Commercial Landscaping Trends


The landscaping at your business is the first thing your clients and passersby see. It serves as the face of your company in the everyday world and thus it’s incredibly important to ensure it looks and stays looking great. It’s also important to seperate your business from other businesses on the block. The exterior of your business set’s the tone for the type of business.

A commercial landscaping company can help you achieve these things, but first, you have to decide what type of aesthetic you’re going for. There are a number of exciting commercial landscaping looks that are trending in 2020 and the following is a quick look at a few of our favorites:

3 Exciting Commercial Landscaping Trends to Check Out in 2020

  • Water features. While it has become increasingly important for businesses to prove they are ‘green’ and part of that is water conservation, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo water features completely. Water features like bird fountains and koi ponds don’t have to be extravagant and will still have a visual and auditory impact on your visitors. The calming sounds of a fountain or a small waterfall are soothing, especially if your business is otherwise located in a loud and bustling part of the city.
  • Layering landscape levels. Gardening levels have been popular for a few years now but it’s expected to really explode this year. With levels, your landscaping company will create multiple layers in a given area in order to give a space more depth and allow for a greater variety of plant life. If you have a small space to work with, then you’ll especially appreciate how much adding levels can add variety and make an area seem more alive and vibrant. Note that landscape layering doesn’t have to be difficult and smart layering can actually make caring for a landscape easier and more efficient. A professional commercial landscaper will help you choose the right plants for each layer of your building’s landscape to best attract attention while also remaining easy to care for.
  • Asymmetric design. Asymmetric design is about designing your landscaping without strict symmetry. In other words, having curves and levels that are unique to one area and aren’t necessarily repeated or copied elsewhere. That said, quality asymmetric design can be hard to achieve, as it does require incorporating the right amount of balance in order to create rhythm and order within the landscape. A professional commercial landscaper will work with you and your team to add the right visual weight to create that ideal balance that will capture positive attention.

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