All About ISSA Cleaning Standards

issa cleaning standards

Every industry has its lead organizations, organizations that set standards and create programs through which industry members can learn about new equipment and protocols and have employees undergo specialized training to make them better adapted to the jobs at hand. For the cleaning industry, the most trusted and prestigious lead trade organizations is the International Sanitary Supply Associations or ISSA.

What Is ISSA and Why Trust ISSA Cleaning Standards

ISSA has a membership of nearly 10,000 organizations that include residential and cleaning companies, such as our organization of Express Facility Management, as well as groups like manufacturers, distributors, and in-house service providers. The goal of the organization is and always has been to be a leading resource for the education, information, networking, and growing commercial opportunities for those within the industry. One way of doing that is by researching the best cleaning methodologies and equipment to create a list of industry standards members should follow so they can deliver the best cleaning procedures for their clients.

There are two important sets of ISSA cleaning standards for members to learn and follow:

  • The ISSA Cleaning Standards for K-12 which is designed to meet the unique needs of K-12 public and private schools.
  • The ISSA Cleaning Standards for Institutional and Commercial Facilities which used the original K-12 cleaning standards as a starting point and then, following in-depth research, improved upon it to work in larger and more multi-faceted facilities. For example, it’s to these standards that ours and similar teams clean facilities like hospitals, warehouses, and office buildings.

Both of these styles of ISSA cleaning standards were developed by industry experts and have been employed by professionals around the world to great effect. These standards include:

  • Guidance on what the desired level of cleanliness professionals should reasonably expect to achieve in different facilities and under different situations.
  • An easy-to-follow list of protocols that recommend and help inform professionals on how to monitor cleaning protocols, inspect to ensure protocols are being followed, and measure the ultimate effectiveness of those protocols for both the cleaning professional and the client.
  • Guidance on how to use the aforementioned measurement results to improve individual client processes or to improve cleaning products in order to create a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment.

To help new members or when boarding new employees, ISSA expert trainers are employed to come on-site and teach the member and their employees how to achieve the aforementioned standards.

Have Your Facility Cleaned to ISSA Standards

At Express Facility Management, all of our locations and all of our team members take cleaning seriously — and cleanliness probably hasn’t ever been taken as seriously by the country as now. We know that businesses of all shapes and sizes and facilities serving every type of industry risk being hit by a disruptive disease like Coronavirus or a bad flu outbreak. Keep your facility clean and your employees and clients safe and healthy by employing us to give your location a deep clean that lives up to ISSA cleaning standards. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

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