3 Reasons to Switch Your Commercial Cleaning Company

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If you own or operate a large commercial operation, then choosing who to hire for your commercial cleaning isn’t likely one of your top priorities. You might even suppose that keeping a company you aren’t happy with is better than researching and switching to another company that you might equally be unhappy with. Yet, while the perfect provider may be rare, overlooking too many mistakes can be costly.

Take a look at the following common reasons why many commercial clients choose to switch their cleaning companies and why it might be time for you to break up with your own and choose instead Express Facility Management:

3 Reasons to Switch Your Commercial Cleaning Company

  • Unclear cleaning prices. Imprecise or fuzzy pricing rates from any company, including commercial cleaning companies, is one of the number one signs that you’re going to run into trouble with them. A cleaning company may be unclear in their bid or overall rates because they’re inexperienced or because they plan to upsell and add-on later. Either way, if you’re frustrated with never knowing what price you’re going to pay for a cleaning service, then it’s time to move on and hire a company that is fully transparent and upfront with you on all of their rates.
  • Security lapses. Security should be a paramount concern for any business and this is especially true for vendors like cleaning services that come on your property at night or on weekends when most of your employees are gone. Even if you have security personnel on-staff, it still means your cleaning vendors will have access to business equipment and sensitive materials like file rooms. Businesses that start to feel like certain security protocols aren’t being followed, such as failure to lock all doors properly or turn alarms off, should absolutely consider switching to a company they can trust.
  • Poor quality control. This one is a tricky one. Maybe your cleaning company started out great, offering quality service every week, weekend, or night they came in. Then over the months or years that high-quality service faded, but you might feel some loyalty to that vendor. However, it’s important not to discount the importance of keeping your business looking and feeling clean. Especially as we enter this post Coronavirus world. Now, more than ever, is the time to expect the highest quality of service from your cleaning company and if they aren’t meeting your demands, then it’s time to look elsewhere. Poor quality control is, in fact, one of the most common reasons why all businesses choose to swap vendors.

Learn About What Our Cleaning Team Can Do For You

Are you ready to break up with your cleaning company and make the switch to our team? Even if you’re just in the research phase, our team at Express Facility Management is here to assist! Contact us today to learn more about the many different services we offer, including high-quality cleaning services, and the protocols we have in place to ensure fair and transparent pricing, high-quality service, strict security protocols, and more.

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