3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Office Cleaning Services

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Protect your employees and customers from the spread of viruses. Don’t just hire anyone to clean your offices, hire the right company. Express Facility Management is here to help.

Is it time to upgrade your office cleaning and hire out the work to a professional? Commercial office cleaning services can be a big boon for your business as everyone enjoys being in a cleaner, healthier environment. The cleaner a place is, the more efficiently employees work. Clean spaces are also more attractive to people — helping you land clients and vendors.

While the benefits of professional cleaning services are pretty apparent, what can be less apparent is how to ensure you hire the right team for the job. The following is a look at three important questions you should ask a prospective cleaning service and the type of answers you want to hear from them:

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Office Cleaning Services

1. What type of training do employees receive and what is your employee turnover rate?

One of the biggest red flags an office cleaning company can have is a high employee turnover rate. Avoid any company whose majority of employees have only been on the job for a year or less. This is because high employee turnover means they aren’t training employees well and that the employees aren’t committed to the company, and that means you’ll be likely to experience a lower-quality service.

Great office cleaning requires training. Heavy-duty equipment like floor cleaners can be tricky to handle and require training for proper usage. Furthermore, effective cleaning is an art and experienced cleaners know best how to approach space to ensure that it is quickly and efficiently cleaned with the right products. That takes time and experience.

2. When is your team available to clean? Are you available for impromptu cleanings?

Some companies have strict hours or schedules and when they take on a client, they are only available for certain times or hours. When you first hire on a company, you might think that that’s okay, as it fits with your existing schedule, but what if you have an impromptu business conference you need to hold and want the whole floor scrubbed? Or what if a few of your employees fell sick with the flu and you need your office cleaned that evening to ensure the safety of the rest of your employees?

Because of these situations, it is best to hire a company that is flexible and advertises itself as capable of handling any cleaning task, whenever you need them.

3. Are you insured and do you have references?

Never hire any vendor or service that does not have its own insurance, as this is a fast way to find yourself in legal trouble should an accident happen on your property. Secondly, references will give you that added level of assurance that you’re hiring a quality team capable of handling all of your office cleaning needs.

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