3 Questions to Ask a Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

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As you research commercial floor cleaning and janitorial services, it’s often advisable to not just go with the vendor who offers the lowest bid as a race to the bottom often means getting a cleaning company that skimps on equipment and quality service. This is especially true if you’re looking to hire a floor cleaning company for regular cleaning services across multiple properties. Here, you want a team you can trust and who will live up to their reputation. Start by asking the following questions when researching potential cleaning companies:

3 Questions to Ask a Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

  1. Can you provide a free demonstration of floor cleaning services? Or provide an on-site estimate? If you have a large building with specialized carpet or stonework, then asking for a demonstration of one’s floor cleaning services is a reasonable request. During a demo, a floor cleaning company will clean a portion of your commercial building’s carpet or floor so that you can see how well the services and products used will work. Note that if you have a smaller business or are looking for only a one-time cleaning, a free demo is likely not available. Note, if a cleaning company isn’t willing to do a free demonstration for any reason, ask next if they’re willing to provide an on-site estimation. Reputable companies will offer a free onsite estimation as it’s beneficial for both parties, allowing you as the hiring party to ask questions and better understand the costs of the cleaning and allowing the potential hired cleaning service to best gauge how much product and employee time they will need to clean the desired area.
  2. Is your company fully bonded and insured? Don’t hire any vendor, cleaning or otherwise, that cannot offer you evidence that they are fully bonded and insured. Even the most experienced of floor cleaning professionals may unknowingly use a cleaning product that causes discoloration or otherwise damages to your building’s carpet or tile flooring. When a company is fully bonded and insured, you can rest assured that even if such a mishap happens, it will be remedied without issue.
  3. What’s your company’s history? Can you provide me with testimonials? Helping newcomer vendors is a nice gesture, but it can come with some frustrating results. New vendors without a significant history won’t be able to accurately price their services, won’t have experience with a variety of flooring types, and often won’t have good vendors of their own to consistently secure necessary products and equipment repair. In contrast, when you work with an established floor and commercial cleaning company like ours, you can get a long list of testimonials that showcase our expertise. We also offer both on-site and off-site cleaning equipment repair, ensuring every aspect of a cleaning job can be done and with quality.

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