3 Pest Control Myths and Why It’s Time to Call in for Service

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From coast to coast, our pest control experts have heard it all when it comes to fielding misinformation about pest control tactics. Having your properties invaded by any type of pests, be it scorpions in the southwest, rodents in the northeast, or cockroaches in, well, anywhere, is frustrating and can significantly hurt your reputation. As such, it’s understandable to want to turn to pest control myths that promise easy fixes. But these frustrating problems almost always can only be resolved by calling in the professionals. The following is a look at some of the more common pest control myths we hear, as well as key information for staying pest-free in your commercial property:

3 Common Pest Control Myths

  • A clean space is a pest-free space. Oh, if only keeping a nice and tidy office space was the solution to keeping all pests at bay. The truth is that even the most spotless kitchen and commercial building is susceptible to full-on pest infestations. That’s because creatures like rodents and roaches live in the in-between spaces, such as in the walls and beneath the floorboards. Plus, they can readily survive in those places, eating away at your building materials and the few scraps they can gather. For those who operate a multi-unit building, pest issues that do arise from unclean spaces in one unit can also easily invade an otherwise clean unit. The only guaranteed way to prevent a full-blown infestation is thus by using pest prevention products and solutions.
  • Bed bugs are only a problem for hotels. Au contraire mon ami! Bed bugs are a problem wherever there are people coming and going. Commercial offices can and are often prone to bed bug problems whenever there is a local infestation going on. All it takes is one employee or visitor to walk in with bed bugs on their clothes to start an epidemic. Such traveling bugs will happily make their home in your office and enjoy its nice temperature, humidity, and array of human hosts. If your area sees an increase in bed bug infestations or you have employees complaining about bed bug-like bites, then it’s important to call in for professional service asap. Such a service will provide for a full inspection of the premises and prepare a comprehensive bed bug control plan.
  • I can DIY my mice or rodent problem. Maybe DIY practices are fine to try at home with personal pest issues, but they should not be the leading solution when it comes to diagnosing and resolving commercial pest control problems. The reason for this is twofold. First, pests have evolved and many DIY and traditional solutions that once worked no longer do. Additionally, your commercial space is significantly more complex than a single-family home and thus needs a more complex solution. So whether you just noticed a pest issue or you’re struggling with a full-on infestation, skip the Google advice and go straight to the pros.

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