Month: April 2020

3 Signs You Might Have a Commercial Pest Infestation Problem

A pest infestation isn’t something that threatens just companies within the food industry. Pests like rodents and roaches can cause major issues for every type of business, as they are unsightly, carry diseases, and can seriously damage building materials and business supplies. While some signs of an infestation are easy to spot, such as loose droppings from rodents, […]

Written by on April 22, 2020

Phoenix Floor Scrubber Repair: Have Us Come to You

Floor scrubbers are incredibly useful pieces of commercial cleaning equipment. These machines make it possible for janitorial staff to perform a faster and more efficient cleaning of just about any type of hard flooring. They also are incredibly durable and most brands include a comprehensive warranty package with every unit. However, they are still machines, […]

Written by on April 20, 2020

The Essential Checklist of Daily Commercial Janitorial Services

We offer an array of services at Express Facility Management, but our bread and butter will always be commercial janitorial services. Cleaning is the core of our business and we strongly believe that the most productive working environments are those that are kept clean of both visible and non-visible contaminants, like dirt and germs. The best way to keep surfaces clean and […]

Written by on April 9, 2020

Commercial Cleaning with Clorox Total 360 In a Health Crisis

The economic devastation of the coronavirus can not be overstated. In mid-March, tens of thousands of events were canceled, and businesses and schools were forced to shut their doors in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While businesses can’t change what happened, they can change how they move forward and start enacting better cleaning protocols to preemptively prevent the […]

Written by on April 6, 2020