Offering a Broad Spectrum of Facility Management Services

Innovative Technology 

CleanTelligent allows to proactively monitor the quality of service and automate work orders. Real-Time data will alert our teams of overall traffic, product levels, usage and service concerns.

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Commericial Janitorial Services
- Clean the Express Way !

At Express Facility Management, We use ISSA recommended cleaning methods in an effort to increase quality and reduce cost.

We begin with an initial walk through to
understand service requirements and goals.

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Pest Solutions Individually
Tailored to your Facility

Using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we combine non-pesticide alternatives such as aggressive sanitation, pest exclusion, traps and surveillance techniques as well as product application. 

Express Facility Management takes a proactive approach to eliminate pests by placing stress on pest populations through a series of processes that reduce nesting, breeding areas and pest entry points. 

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Testimonials of Jobs Well Done.


We were hesitant to hire anyoialne to do our office cleaning, as it is hard to find a great cleaner you can trust. We manage a Hip-Hop dance studio full of kids every day. We thought that their messy tendencies might prove a problem for cleaners. We were completely amazed by the work down by Express Janitorial. They did a great job on our large studio spaces, small office spaces, kitchen, and bathrooms. We were ready to work in a clean and organized space every week with no concern at all.

Thank you so much!


Mansour VP


I was beyond happy with the level of service I received from Express Janitorial and Landscaping Services. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for great clean up services.

Samantha Gail

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